Check Out What’s New In Old Town

The Old Town Winchester Business Association is excited about all the great, new items we have been working on for our current and future members. The item we needed was to address our logo, which we knew did not give us the feel of a here and now Business Association. So with the help of the talented Kristen Pelto who has designed our event posters for the last two years, we have our new logo with prominently displayed on our new website layout, which leads us to our next big item, the website. Our previous website was not something made our members want to us or visit and wasn’t an aide to help show potential new members that our Association is something to be proud of and a means to make things happen in Old Town. Though the site is still evolving into the complete user experience we want to provide our members, the look and feel are fresh and clean which is what we as an Association want to convey to the community.

Other projects that we are in the works on and that we know will help everyone is a new design layout for the Old Town navigation maps, expansion of the events we currently run and support, ideas for additional events to organize in the future, and continued efforts to promote Old Town Winchester and all the great people and businesses that make it up. Our efforts are made possible by the support of our members and we hope to grow our membership this year even larger, so if you are interested in learning more about the Old Town Winchester Business Association please feel free to email us at or send us a message through our Contact Page.