Join or Renew Your Membership for 2018

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As we welcome a new year of prosperity and growth in Old Town, we invite all businesses to join the OTWBA! We are working

to bring you valuable discounts on print and online promotions, exciting event opportunities and a warm sense of camaraderie with other Old Town business owners.

The first 12 renewals or new members will get a 1-month spotlight promotion on this site and all of our social media avenues. So don’t delay, sign up and recommend your Old Town neighbors to join the OTWBA, too. There is more creativity and power in numbers!

Our annual membership is $85.00, or sign up for 2 years and save! Membership can be paid online or by printing our membership form and returning, with a check to The Winchester Book Gallery or the Espresso Bar & Cafe.

Join us and help ensure that 2018 is all that it can be!